Credit Control

We know that as a business cashflow is the heartbeat of a company.If your customer is slow in paying or not paying at all this can seriously affect your profitability.There is no doubt that effective credit control is the answer.We find that talking to your customers and reminding them of the debt in a professional and friendly manner does produce results.You can also find out if the customer has any issues or indeed have a cashflow problem of their own!
  • We eventually get to know your customers and can build up a rapport and over time will become very familiar with these companies – what their needs are and how to deal with late payments on each of them.
  • We can use email, letters, and telephone to contact debtors and ensure payment of outstanding invoices.
  • We keep a record of all communication with the customer, this is important when there are payment problems and the account becomes legal, these records are needed for court proceedings.
  • We can resolve all problems for clients, copy invoices, proof of delivery, credit notes, and liaise internally to progress any problems that are being handled in any other department.
  • We report to management on outstanding issues and inform them early of potential debtors problems.